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Did you ever wish you could talk to the owner?

Have you ever tried to talk to a decision maker at a large publicly traded company?  With us all you need to do is pick up the phone and a principle stakeholder will get back to you within 24 hours and treat you like one of the family.

Left: Kelly Huether -  Email
Right: Bob Larson -  Email


Kelly Huether - President

Kelly is celebrating over 24 years in the Beauty Industry. Life of Riley will be the fourth family run business that he has started in the beauty industry. He is still the partner in a company called "Beaches Beauty Supply" in Missoula, Montana. Kelly's Mom, Darla--and Sister, Stacie still help to operate the Business in Montana.

Sandwiched between the four companies he has started, Kelly had 14 years as a Senior Manager with Beauty Alliance and SalonCentric giving him experience in management at a very large company. Kelly hopes to take the experience from the large company and use it to make his small company very responsive to customer's needs as demonstrated by the tag line, "Easy and Pleasant to do business with."

Kelly's wife, Michelle, is also a senior manager for an emerging beauty industry manufacturer and Kelly's daughter, Riley, is part of the inspiration behind the name--Life of Riley.


Bob Larson - CEO

Bob and Kelly met just out of college, when both were Management Trainees in the trucking industry.  After a short stint, Kelly decided that trucking was not his calling and left to pursue a career within the beauty industry.  Bob continued his transportation career over the next 23 years eventually becoming a partner of Black Hawk Freight Services.  Over the years Kelly kept telling Bob that he needed to explore the opportunities in the beauty industry and finally convinced him early this year... 

Bob's success in the transportation field proves that when individuals work together as a TEAM and the COMPANY has a culture of personalized service above and beyond the ordinary, it will set the standard for others to follow...

Bob is married to Renee and they have 3 girls in college, which is helping to keep the beauty care industry growing and Dad's bank account shrinking...