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What is Saloninteractive?

SalonInteractive offers online retail solutions to help develop stronger relationships with your customers and take your retail sales to a whole new level.

With an online store, your salon can offer the products that your clients love and want. It’s fast, easy, and you don’t even have to carry inventory. Just take orders from your website or scheduler, and we’ll deliver directly to the comfort of your client’s home. Simply offer a variety of products, set your permissions, and watch your sales grow!


Why Your Salon Needs SalonInteractive

In an effort to support local shops, American Express hosts Small Business Saturday once a year to encourage consumers to “Shop Small” and bring more retail sales to small businesses like salons. It’s a nice sentiment for a large company to try to help small businesses, but we believe the professional beauty industry needs more support than that.

Although salons are responsible for building the demand for professional products, many manufacturers are now selling online direct to consumers or are using Amazon to skip the salon sale entirely. The good news is that SalonInteractive can help take back the sale with customized online retail solutions. Now you can encourage your own Shop Small movement and compete against the big guys with your own online shop.  With SalonInteractive, it’s easy for your customers to Shop Small every day!


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